Frisco’s Got Talent!

Frisco’s Got Talent!

Powerhouse of Dance announced the winners of the 2017 Frisco’s Got Talent competition on Friday November 3rd.  After a careful selection process, the top 5 finalists from each category performed in front of a live audience and panel of 3 judges. Congratulations to all the finalists:

3rd-5th Grade Top 5 Finalists:
Audrey Archer (1st Place)
Reese Bardwell (2nd Place)
Katrina Johnson
Windsor Kniery
Shona Puthran

6th-8th Grade Top 5 Finalists:
Linnea Skold (1st Place)
Madeline Carter (2nd Place)
Pranathi Prasanna and Neha Ravishankar
Morgan Romney
Victor Espinosa

9th-12th Grade Top 5 Finalists:
Sathvika Ganesan (1st Place)
Jake Hoang (2nd Place)
Ian Lawson
Maddie May
Sydney Dovidas

Click here to view more photos. There’s no doubt, Frisco’s Got Talent and lots of it!

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