Spring Into New Beginnings

Spring Into New Beginnings


by Dr. Melanie Ross Mills | Special Contributor

It’s 2017! This year I’m going to lose 5 pounds. I’ll eat more veggies. I won’t overspend at Costco. I’ll make my children write thank you notes for their Christmas gifts. I’ll exercise an hour every day, spend less time watching tv, and finish that novel I wanted to read.

Studies have shown that after a year only about 15% of people have been successful at keeping their resolutions. This leaves us with a large percentage of people that return to overspending at Costco and never complete that novel.  New Year’s resolutions are a great way to give your life direction toward your goals, but New Year’s isn’t the only time to make a life change.

Springtime is an excellent time for a new start if, perhaps, our New Year’s resolutions didn’t go quite as well as we hoped (and even if they did). As nature is blooming, so can we. A fresh new season is here for us to reset, renew, reengineer, reestablish, and rebuild. A time to embrace new routines, new ways of thinking, and new beginnings. Not as a resolution this time, but as a life change.

Where to start? 

No need for a long list. Choose one or two key words that will guide you daily as you make decisions and new lifestyle choices over the next 9 months. Choose one of these or brainstorm your own.

Simplify: I will work on simplifying. 

Make life less complicated. Make a conscious effort not to take on what you can’t control. Streamline your priorities and don’t let outside distractors get in the way. Limit your toxic influences.

Journal: I will journal my thoughts. 

Take time to look at the deeper parts of your heart, mind, and emotions.  Each night write down your overall thoughts for the day. Which ones are serving you well and which ones are holding you back? Are you living or holding onto the past? Are you emotionally open and available to build quality relationships?

Active: I will be more active.

Make a conscious effort to walk and do more physically. Walk to your neighbor’s house instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ride your bike to the grocery store.

Nourish: I will nourish my heart, mind, and spirit. 

Digest what is good for you. Eat more power foods. Pay attention to what your mind takes in visually and how it affects you. Chose to watch and listen to things that are nourishing and life-giving. Spend time cultivating your spiritual life.

Others: I will think more about others. 

Focus outwards. The more you think of ways to help others, the less you think about what you’re lacking. Share with the world what you have to offer. Make a concentrated effort to make a difference.

Purge: I will clean house. 

Clean house – donate what you don’t use. Clean out your pantry, cabinets, and closets. Clutter can weigh us down without us even knowing it. Let go of what you don’t need.

Build: I will invest in people.

Spend time with those people who interest you. Make time for those that will benefit from your life experience. Connect with mentors who are wiser than you; learn from them.

Gratefulness: I will see the good more often.

Pay attention to the little things that make life a little sweeter – from a neighbor picking up your newspaper to a stranger holding your door. Let those around you know why you are thankful for them.

Mindfulness: I will be more mindful. 

Rest and breathe. Take time to be fully present. Listen to those around you. Engage with your heart. Notice the details in the small things.

Springtime is the best time to launch new beginnings. Opportunities and new life awaits. It’s ours for the taking if we’re willing to put in the effort.

Editor’s Note: For more information, you can reach Dr. Mills at www.melanierossmills.com.