“Good” Hearts Aren’t Just About Kindness

“Good” Hearts Aren’t Just About Kindness

In this season of love, the emotions of the heart are the subject of greeting cards, ads, and shared moments with your special sweetie. We’ve all heard it said that the heart is the window to the soul.  Amazingly, it is much easier to identify a person whose words and actions reveal a “good” heart.  If only it were that easy to see if a heart is not only “good” but also as healthy as it should be. You might consider taking steps to ensure your heart is “good” both ways. 

by Alicia Wanek

“No Beauty Shines Brighter Than That of a Good Heart”  – Author Unknown


You probably already know what to do to keep your heart healthy.  The American Heart Association reminds everyone of the importance of regular physical activity, stress management, weight management, healthy eating, and not smoking to maintain a heart-healthy life.  However, those simple principles seem increasingly difficult to practice day to day.  It’s hard to find time to exercise, we’re constantly grabbing something to eat on the go, and it feels impossible to escape stress when our lives are busy with the demands of work and family.  There’s also the consideration that you could be at risk for heart disease from hereditary or congenital concerns you may not even be aware of.

What if you could find out if you are at risk for heart disease with a procedure that lasts less than 10 minutes?  Today’s advanced cardiac radiology procedures can do just that and hopefully give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Envision Imaging offers a pain-free, non-invasive procedure that can take 70 to 90 images of your coronary arteries without any injections, needles, or removal of your clothing.  The amount of plaque detected helps to reveal a cardiac score, and then you and your doctor can determine whether or not you are at risk, or, if heart disease is identified, you can be proactive in discussing things you can do to lower your risk.  They also offer CT, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and angiography follow-up procedures that your physician might recommend to look closer at your cardiovascular function.

Traditionally thought of as a male health issue, since 2004 the American Heart Association has been trying to raise awareness of the risk of heart disease in women.  Their hugely successful “Go Red for Women” campaign has helped raise awareness about the fact that each year cardiovascular disease claims the lives of over 500,000 women; to date over 900,000 women have joined the fight to help spread the word. The campaign offers a powerful message and has also influenced the sale of red dresses in the month of February!

Everyone can benefit from knowing their cardiac score.  This time of year, where we try to focus on family, special moments, and “good” hearts, it might be a great time to examine the health of your heart to ensure that it keeps pumping so you’ll have those special moments for a long time to come.

Editor’s Note:  Envision Imaging offers a pain-free, non-invasive 10-minute procedure that can take 70 to 90 images of your coronary arteries without any injections, needles, or removal of your clothing.  

To schedule an appointment or for additional information, go to www.envisionimg.com

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