Small Spaces, Big Ideas

Small Spaces, Big Ideas

How to make an ordinary dorm room super functional

By Tricia White | Managing Editor

Living comfortably in a small space can be challenging, but it’s not completely hopeless.  Creating a functional dorm room for your teen can be an essential part of their productivity at college.  Between classes, studying, and socializing, the last thing we want our scholars concerned about is which pile of laundry their missing shoe is hiding under or where that mysterious smell is coming from.

Here are a few tips and tools from organizing expert, Rebecca Saumell, to get your college bound student organized and equipped to stay focused on what’s important.

1. Create more space in a dorm room by setting up bunk beds or using bed risers.  Raising the bed will allow more storage underneath for clothes or linens.

2. Keep papers, pens, and books off of the floor and in an Aussie Pouch. This nifty organizing tool fits conveniently over the back of a desk chair.

3. It’s always best to organize vertically; however that can be tricky in a dorm where you can’t put holes in walls. Some great solutions that won’t ruin walls are an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer (for more than just shoes) and Command Hooks for bathrobes or jackets.

4. Closet space can be limited in a dorm, especially if you’re sharing it with your roommate.  Maximize your space with slim line hangers and a double hang closet rod.

“Having an organized space will not only give your teen an efficient living and working environment but will benefit their roommate too!  Help your students sharpen their organizational skills now, and the benefits will last a lifetime.”  

– Rebecca Saumell